Gonna be animating a lot.

2015-03-10 00:57:25 by sincomai

i said it in the title fam.

Working on animation

2014-07-05 19:43:41 by sincomai

its just a jizz tastic, regular anime quality animation about a pokemon song called "meh pokeballz" that i did a while back, trying to put as many custom trainers as i can muster into it and make each scene as high quality as possible

8 Bit Jizz

2014-04-07 14:47:07 by sincomai

Gonna be posting 5 8 Bit tracks that will be free to use on here and on youtube for promotional reasons.


2012-10-17 05:17:38 by sincomai

My Tablet should be here in a few days will begin doing some animations and such :P, DOOBELTYTO! Can check out my Youtube Channel though.